Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Call to Arms

The so called Free Press say that today we are in the opening stages of the first British Civil War! They all claim that what we are seeing is a justifiable struggle between a glorious defender of the sovereignty of this nation and an illegitimate usurper. The identity of the true rulers and the dishonourable power grabber will switch depending on which newspaper you happen to read but, do not be fooled brothers!
Neither of the power brokers in this conflict is legitimate! Neither the Fascistic Monarchy nor the decadent bourgeois parliament have a valid claim to rule this nation. What this struggle is in fact symptomatic of is the growing unrest of the British worker with the inept government left over from the age of medieval traditions and Iron Age superstition!
Today we find ourselves in the midst of a revolution, even if many of The People are unable or even refuse to acknowledge it. We shall open their eyes! We shall bring to them the glory of the Communist Ideal! We shall be the vanguard of the revolution in this, the Spring of 1939.

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