Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Battle of Badgers Deep


Today brought us the most glorious of victories!

While it may seem to some that amongst ephemeral allegiances and motives of this revolution there are few certainties and fewer truths, know that we alone, hold our path straight and true.

In our latest engagement we demonstrated our commitment to The People as we attempted to protect the hamlet of Badgers Deep from marauding opportunists led by the noted criminal and enemy of The Revolution, Lady Bagshaw, who had, that day, augmented her warband of child soldiers with bloodthirsty mercenaries, known to have direct links to Fascist Regime of Chancellor Adolf Hitler!

We proceeded in good order, supported by our brother communists and detachment of regular troops.

As we approached the centre of the settlement our foe revealed their utter contempt for the lives of civilians by beginning a heavy bombardment. Luckily for us their shots were as wildly misplaced as their allegiances and we – and our allies - escaped unharmed. The fact our artillery landed first just went to show our dedication to protecting Badgers Deep from the attentions of our invidious foe.

The fighting on our left flank devolved into biter close quarters fighting almost immediately. However, the righteous spirit in which we execute the will of the people allowed us on the right to pin or eliminate our adversary, except for the gutless mercenary troops who cowered in the shadow of a small copse. The enemy once again brought their improvised mortar to bear, further endangering civilian lives, destroying The Peoples roads and slaughtering wildlife in The Peoples duck pond.

One casualty of note was that of The Colonel – a man who spent most of his ‘military’ career machine-gunning the various native peoples subjected to the illegitimate ‘Empire’ to which he swore allegiance. While we hoped we had rid the earth of this man he has apparently escaped with the loss of only one eye. Nevertheless, The Revolution shall make him answer for his crimes against The Workers of the world.

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