Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Little-Bother-on-Sea


Today brought us the most glorious of victories!

Unfortunately, I, The Secretary General was overwhelmed by the gloriousness of it all and seem to have forgotten most of the details.

The Little-Badger-on-Sea Sunday school Easter egg hunt started out pleasantly enough with the many groups who had come to attend that day’s festivities making their way towards the centre of this delightful town, searching every bush, hillock and distinctive terrain feature for eggs.

Unfortunately, when reaching the cliffs some big boys in armour decided that they were going to ruin everybody’s fun by shooting at us. Down by the docks as well, egg poachers could be heard attacking the other attendees.

When the party crashers took cover in their cave, however, they were smoked out with grenades. They did not rise again.

The Bristol Bolshevik Committee, severely short on their share of eggs rushed to meet the other attendees and were greeted with an exchange of celebratory gunfire. Having thus been informed as to the other groups intention not to share everybody went home for tea.

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