Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Armoured clash at Bad Badger


Today brought us the most glorious of victories!

Even as the burning hulks of enemy vehicles light the night sky, the revolution marches one step closer to eventual victory!

The defenceless hamlet of Bad Badger was today assaulted by the massed armoured fist of the oppressor. Luckily our heroic tank battalion was in the area and moved to protect the innocent population.

Transform and roll out!
I have heard that there are rumours circulating that my cousin was leading the elements of the enemy force deployed directly opposite us and that this was why we did not move to engage them directly. These rumours are malicious propaganda spread by counter-revolutionaries.

Bad Badger being overrun by armour
The glorious people's tank Vanguard of the Revolution ground its way towards the centre of the battle while Matilda made a swift flanking move down the main road.

The enemy was engaged on our right flank with one of there vehicles going up in flames.

Unfortunately, a lucky shot also destroyed one of our allies vehicles.

And that is where our story ends as it is at this point that we had to withdraw from the field of battle in order to be home in time to visit the pictures deal with important revolutionary matters.

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