Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Battle of Badger Moor


Today brought us the most glorious of victories!

Do not listen to the spread by the organs of the parasites! They hide behind falsehoods, claiming that it was they who halted our advance across Badger Moor, where it in fact the brave volunteers of the peoples militias that ground the advance of the forces of oppression into the mud.

Our pernicious foe made the fatal mistake of relying on the services of tools of capitalist oppression in the form of local military units. These men, not fired by the spirit of Communism and in step with their fellow man, but rather serving for pay alone broke and ran after being cut apart by our new armoured car; a glorious fruit of the peoples labour. Abandoning their own vehicle (a shoddy piece of equipment – built by the exploitation of our brother workers) the fascists left flank was open and our brave leader led a glorious advance to capitalise secure these gains.

Seeing the plans of the oppressor thus stymied, our bother comrades on our left flank made a committee decision to leave the field of battle at speed, as our work was completed, leaving our foe to wallow in the swamp.

Some have asked if this stretch of marsh was worth the losses of Comrades McLean and Whyte who were cruelly gunned down by the enemy.

I have this to say to them. Badger Moor may look like a barren, fetid wasteland. It may appear to have no tactical or strategic importance whatsoever, but our comrades made the ultimate sacrifice for this piece of land, their blood flows deep within its currents, and that is why we must fight for it.

Some may point out that McLean and Whyte’s blood would not have been shed if not for the telling blow we struck the oppressor here today in the first place, and I have this to say to them. Shut up.

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