Saturday, 23 June 2012

Attempted Murder on the Badger Express


Today brought us the most glorious of victories!

Having learned of the treacherous intentions of local Trade Union members, we endeavoured to aid the workers in their legitimate attempt to apprehend their organisers and have their grievances heard.

Our plan was formulated when a member of the glorious Railway Workers Union came to our weekly meeting and informed us of the planned presence of the nefarious TU leaders on a local train. We planned to intercept this train and gain access to the answers we sought.

Inevitably, however, the forces of oppression turned out in force to suppress the voice of the people.

As these blackguards are well known for using ambush tactics and seemingly always occupying the choicest defensive positions we dismounted well before approaching the village surrounding the signal box.

Our forces prudently dismount from our transport covered by our Mercenary allies

We were proved correct when the fascists sprung up to open fire on us. Had we been in our vehicles we would surely have all been killed instantly!

However, under fire from ourselves and our glorious mercenary allies*, we pushed forwards, and the cowards ran from their positions like the dogs they are!

Regular forces abandon their position and fall back to regroup

The village, however, had been infested by the enemies of the people. Every residence had been emptied of its occupants and fortified by the oppressor!

In typical cowardly fashion, a fifth column developed on our left flank, with traitors gunning down the men they had formerly declared loyalty to,

After a gruelling battle the majority of the Regular forces opposing us had been vanquished.

Vanquished Regulars with infested village in background

Our message to the TU leaders has been well and truly driven home! Wherever they are, they are quivering at the thought of their close brush with the will of the people they are supposed to represent.

*They are of course motivated by revolutionary fervour. All monies paid were used to cover the cost of the exotic, and expensive, ammunition types they used.

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